The fruit of Joseph Khoury and Pierre Zghondi's vision, Orizon is conceived with your needs and desires in mind, and is, thus, the perfect getaway and event setting where every natural element conspires to please you.

Located on the main road of Hboub, Orizon is a romantic, tranquil resort that highlights Lebanon's surreal beauty and stimulates the senses. With the Mediterranean horizon unveiling before your very eyes and a gentle breeze caressing your face even during the warmest days of the year, Orizon is a private enchanting world that is only four minutes away from the heart of the city, where all the buzz is.

Orizon consists of indoor and outdoor facilities that opened their gates on the 15th of June, 2013 to welcome you throughout the year. With phase 1 already completed over 30,000 square meters, Orizon is set to become a land of 80,000 square meters over which you can see your every dream come to life!

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