We realize, at Orizon, that in today's fast-paced world, you can barely enjoy some time for yourself. Therefore, we tailor the time you choose to spend with us to make every moment count as you take care of your mind, body and soul.

Orizon offers seasonal and annual memberships that allow you to retreat from all the chaos and leave the rest to our certified professionals. With our summer memberships, you get unlimited access to the pool as well as Orizon's other facilities, in addition to special discounts. And because we know that the fun multiplies when shared with others, we offer you a number of invitation cards that vary according to the type of your membership. So, bring your friends along. Slip into an ambience of relaxation and harmony in our high-class spa where we will take your stress away or hit our well-equipped gym set to be completed in 2014, and we guarantee your weeks will end with even more energy than you started off.

Our heated pool that keeps the refreshing sense of summer alive even at the coldest of times, our kids' pools supplied with sports equipment to add tons to all the fun, and our fascinating Jacuzzi experience are but a few of the delights that await individuals, couples and families looking for the perfect place to get the pampering they deserve.