It doesn't get any better than indulging in the signature menu of our Ofok Restaurant as you watch the fiery colors of the sunset reflect on the sparkling sea.

Opening its doors all year round, Ofok is a treat to your taste buds as you relish a mouth-watering meal by the poolside under the yellow-hot sun, in the summer, or enjoy lunch or dinner while in the background plays the rhythmic music of rain drops hitting the glass of the rooftop atrium during winter.

Thanks to a high-end kitchen complying with international safety and hygiene standards as well as a passionate team of chefs who draw their inspiration from the magnificence engulfing Orizon, you can now experience theme nights designed especially to meet every guest's preference. So, leave your worries at the doorway, and step into Ofok to enjoy our one-of-a-kind sushi nights, fondue nights and many of our other unforgettable events.